Invisible Dog Fences – Major Ten Myths Dispelled!

Pretty much absolutely everyone has listened to of , but much less individuals truly know very well what these are and just how they get the job done. Pursuing are definitely the leading ten misconceptions I’ve heard from my clientele:

Fantasy: Invisible dog fences are really expensive. A pro-installed fence will possible price you wherever from $1000 to $3000, with regards to the size of one’s property and the way lots of pets you want to include. A Diy fence you put in on your own really should value you fewer than $500, such as all components. In any case, it can be inexpensive than the usual standard chain backlink, wood, or wrought iron fence.

Fantasy: Invisible pet fences do not function. They are truly a reasonably reputable technique to keep the pet dog in the property, but only if:
You continually stick to the suggested education procedure. Every single brand name includes a teaching program that is intended to show your pet the way to reply when he encounters his invisible boundary.
You buy a fence that features a multi-level receiver (the system your pet wears with a collar about his neck). With out multiple coaching stages, you can’t customize the schooling towards your pet’s sizing and temperament. That means a big or stubborn pup may not respect the fence as well as a modest or sensitive one may come to be frightened.
You put the receiver on the pet every time he goes outside. Most canine fences generate a high-pitched audio when your pup initial encounters the invisible boundary, and then emit a static correction if he continues to move toward the fence instead of back again into your yard. With out the receiver, your pet will finally comprehend he’s not acquiring both of these cues to stay in his yard.

Myth: All invisible puppy fences are just alike. Every product of fence presents distinct functions — this is certainly even legitimate of different models throughout the same manufacturer. So, ensure you select the product which is appropriate on your pet’s dimension and temperament.

Fantasy: You do not have to prepare your pooch to be aware of an invisible puppy fence. The truth is, in case you will not train your dog to understand ways to react when he encounters the invisible boundary, one among two matters will occur: he will operate ideal by means of the fence or he will become confused and afraid of your yard.

Fantasy: An invisible dog fence will damage my pet dog. If you are going to buy a high-quality fence so you patiently educate your pet the way it performs, it can not harm your him. What will damage is having hit by an automobile or attacked by an additional animal as your pet roams exterior your property.

Myth: You do not have to place the receiver collar on your own pet after he learns to stop the invisible boundary. The only real way an invisible puppy fence will reliably safeguard your pet is that if you place the collar on him each and every solitary time he goes exterior.

Fantasy: An invisible dog fence is just like an electrical fence. An electrical fence will indiscriminately zap any individual who encounters it (which zap is the similar whether or not you might be a 1000 pound cow or perhaps a 25 pound toddler), when an invisible dog fence will accurate only those pets who wear a receiver. Also, not like an electric fence, in case your fence features a multi-level receiver, you may customize and manage the level of correction your dog gets — like that you never ever use a larger correction degree than is necessary.

Fantasy: Some breeds just won’t respect an invisible pet dog fence. Breed is irrelevant. I have seen fences get the job done effectively for giant and stubborn breeds like Pit Bulls, Boxers, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds, at the same time as modest, sensitive breeds like Chihuahuas, Yorkies, and Pugs.

Fantasy: My dog is too outdated to master the best way to respond to an invisible pet fence. Except your pet is so aged that his wellbeing is failing, he is hardly ever also old to know new methods!

Fantasy: Invisible pet dog fences only get the job done for puppies. Personally, I have experienced cats and in some cases goats — that’s appropriate, stubborn ol’ GOATS — to reliably reply to an invisible boundary.

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